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ReThink is a consulting group specializing in:

  • Servant Leadership

  • Cultural Heritage Tourism

  • Strategic Planning & Facilitation

  • Community Development

How ReThink can Help

Helping Hand
Image by Jason Goodman

Servant Leadership

  • Servant leadership keynote speeches

  • Servant leadership seminars (1-6 hours)

  • Servant leadership multi-day workshops

  • Servant leadership distance learning courses

  • Design and develop training materials

Cultural Heritage Tourism

  • Scenic Byway and Corridor development

  • Digital four-color driving guides

  • Marketing campaigns

  • Keynote and seminar speaker

  • Non-profit organizational development

Strategic Planning & Facilitation

  • More Mission Question, Less Mission Statement

  • SOAR Methodology
    Strengths, Opportunities,  Aspirations, Results


  • ‘Build in’ our plan vs. ‘Buy in’ to someone else’s

  • 5-Cs: Convening, Conversing, Connecting, Collaborating, Celebrating

  • Small groups, large assemblies, listening sessions, interviews

Community Development

  • Community planning

  • Asset-Based Community Development

  • Community meetings

  • Facilitating targeted community conversations

  • Organizational development and coordination

​Food and Agriculture

  • Speaking, seminars, and issues panels

  • Business development projects and product promotion

Gradient - ReThink - White and Yellow-angle-01.jpg

"Through the Whitewater Canal Byway Association Phil and I have worked together on several signature projects to create and support our byway and the region - driving guides, town tours, byway applications, creating the organization, and transportation history. He helped us uncover many interesting sites and stories throughout the Whitewater Valley. Take advantage of this opportunity to work with Phil."

Candy Yurcak

Former President Whitewater Canal Byway Association

Candy Yurcak

A Heart for Service.
A Head for Results.

Phil Anderson.jpg

I draw upon my experiences and the insights of partners to help individuals and organizations ReThink their conversations and connections, and seek collaborative solutions. Groups are constantly challenged to "think outside the box," but then become frustrated when they step back in the box to do their work. I share that frustration so ReThink is about thinking outside the box, then staying outside the box, and finally, doing outside the box.

Phil Anderson

Chief ReThinker

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